Random Updates!

It's been a hot minute since I've blogged anything. To be honest, my website (and blog) were out of commission for a few months due to a certificate issue between Google and my domain name provider. I got that fixed up, and both my site and blog are back online!

In the meantime, I stopped working on my original manuscript (DIE) and moved back to an old idea that I had shelved—tentatively titled, DROWN. Hint: I like my one-word titles but have no idea if they will stick around.

Also, I got hooked on collecting old Marvel G.I. Joe comics. The original run from 1982-1994 that I grew up on. I got a later issue today, bringing my total to 66 out of the full 155-issue run. My goal is get all 155 issues, and then create a second blog where I read each issue and talk about the full comic (along with pics of my favorite panels), plus rating, from 1-155. I'm actually really looking forward to that, although it will take me quite a while to get my hands on all 155 issues. The later one were small print runs (due to lack of demand) and are generally worth more on the market than earlier issues. The last one (155) is going for a TON.

Throwing some shit up here...

What I'm watching:

Knock at the Cabin. It was okay. Dave Bautista was amazing and there was some very pretty shots by Shyamalan. But overall, I was underwhelmed and felt the ending just fizzled out. Not what I was expecting from someone known for his shocking, twisty endings.

Scream VI. Excellent. Probably my second favorite after the original. I'm always going to be a Freddy Krueger fan, but Scream might have cemented itself as the best horror/slasher franchise with their sixth good movie (and no stinkers).

What I'm reading:

The Turn of the Screw and Other Short Novels by Henry James. Screw was for school, but I'm reading all the other stories in the collection to get a sense of James writing.


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